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Why do most guys make fun of girls that play video games?

Im a gamer chick and my guy friends always pick on me even when I kick their *** in a game. It's so dumb games are not just meant for guys.Why do most guys make fun of girls that play video games?
I have been picked for being playing chess!! OMG!!!

they are arrogant on these, I just do not know why.
Do you want the truth Nikki? The truth is that one of your guy friends likes you and it's already to late to figure who it is if you don't already know. or they are just having fun and you don't notice that others get picked on as well They rather enjoy that you play games with them and don't mind one bit that your playing with them. They pick on you because your a good tease. Probably cute and good at games. You also could just have the easy to pick on personality. Do you go and cry about it? do you say enough so they don't have something funny to say? I'm betting your just stuck with it.Why do most guys make fun of girls that play video games?
Well I would say its because they just dont like getting beat off a girl not just at video games but at anything lol...when ever I'm on COD and you see a girls name in the lobby or hear them talk you just find that the guys in the lobby just keep giving them abuse =S "I would say they feel threatened or just really dont know how to talk to girls" most of the guys playing video games dont even know what a girl looks like never mind talk to them lol =D

So I would just keep beating there ***'s and us guys will just need to take it on the chin and to be honest I think it would be awesome if my fioncee played video games and beat my *** lol would save me money buying another tele for the bed room so she can watch her Tv-Shows =D =))

Bang Bang.....Happy Gaming d-_-b
yeah girls are rare in gaming.and when a guy gets his *** kicked by a girl he feels that he's been beaten by a gamer who is definitely inferior than him.

i guess you would know about there i know some editors who are female and knows a lot about gaming...they are the goddess of gaming and i really respect them.

i also follow some on twitter.Why do most guys make fun of girls that play video games?
Because it's just unusual to see a gamer chick. I myself know only two (literally) girls that take gaming seriously, and that's it.
it's because its very unusual, i personally love gamer chicks, i wish we had one in our group
i dunno.there are 4 or 5 girls in my clan.and there usually harassed not made fun of.
Because it usually means they are not in the kitchen where they should be
What u talkin about, there are no girls on the internet.
B/c they dont know how to flirt well
Only stupid kids do that. It happens, mute them and move on.

Don't condemn our entire gender for the idiocy of a few.

What are some fun Valentines games we can play tonight?

I'm going to a small party at my friends house, with just girls, about 10 of us. What are some fun games we can play? Thanks in advance.What are some fun Valentines games we can play tonight?
Ring a Bell

This fun couples' Valentine party game makes a great icebreaker for a Valentine party or marriage retreat. Ring a bell and try to find the couple that most closely matches the description of each item on the list.

Romantic Movies Valentine Quiz

Guess the popular romantic movies from their synonymous titles.

Love Letter Mad Lib

The object of this Valentine game is to produce a humorous story by replacing blanks in a specially written love letter. Prior to seeing the love letter participants will need to list various random words matching noted parts of speech. They will then transfer those words over to the love letter. The result is often quite hilarious.

Valentine Mystery Party Game

A Killer Reunion is a romantic murder mystery Valentine party game, perfect for a couples' party, while Death by Chocolate is a deliciously pampering singles or all-girl mystery party game with a spa theme. Everything you need to host a successful and memorable Valentine party is included these kits. Learn more about these mysteries.

Valentine Pictionary

Print the names of popular valentine items on index cards (one item per card) and place upside down in your game area. (Slips of paper can be folded and placed in a bowl instead.)

If you're hosting a large party, you'll need a chalk board or a white board so that everyone can see. If there are 10 or less you could sit around a table and use paper.

Divide your guests into two teams. Have one team member come up and pick a card and start drawing hints for her team to guess. If after a set time her team can't guess, allow the other team to guess. Score points accordingly. Go from one team to the next till all of the valentine items have been used.

Sample items:

Roses, Valentine, Chocolates, Love Letter, Kissing ...

The Newlywed Game

The newlywed game is a hugely popular among valentine party games. Use our Bridal Newlywed Game for couples or our Friendship Newlywed Game for any all girl parties.

Famous Pairs Word Scramble

Players will be scrambling to unscramble these famous pairs! But we're not talking about couples, we're talking about pairs like "stars and stripes" and "bread and butter". This is a brainteaser that will get everyone thinking!

Lefty's In Love

This crazy gift passing game will have everyone scrambling as they listen for you to say right or left while you read about Little Lefty Wright in love. The players who end with the gifts get to keep them - and this makes for 100% participation and 100% fun! You'll need several gifts for this game, but it's more than worth it!

Valentine Bingo

Bingo with a new twist - you can customize each square! Choose your own words and a message for the top, or use the pre-filled option with Valentine items already in the squares. And with our Game Card Generator, you get a different Valentine Bingo Card for each guest - even if you have 200 players! Generator will scramble items for unique cards.

1.Valentine Bingo:


Make your own heart shaped bingo cards or print our Heart Bingo Cards

Red hots or a small candy, such as M%26amp;M's, for markers

Valentine bag to hold call cards

How To Play: Print our Heart Bingo Cards or create your own cards using a Valentine, February, or Candy Bar theme. Valentine theme might include: card, heart, red, pink, white, cupid, St. Valentine. February theme might include: groundhogs, President Lincoln, Washington, winter, doves, valentines. A candybar theme might include: Skor, Mr. Goodbar, Milkyway, Hershey, Kisses, Hugs, Joy (go to the grocery store for this one).

Another variation to create your own Bingo card: Write the names of all the children on pieces of paper and drop them into a Valentine bag. Note: remove the names of any children absent that day.

Create a BINGO card with blank spaces. Across the top it will say "N-A-M-E-S". Have the children go around and have their classmates sign their name to the spaces on the card. When all are done, have them sit down at their tables.

Play NAMES by drawing a name out of the bag. Play regular BINGO or blackout. If the children really like the game, then play "Postage Stamp" any 2x2 square (4 names) on the board, etc. Click here for some easy craft ideas.

2.Word Find

Take a Valentine related word such as: Valentine, Chocolate, Romance, etc. and find as many little words as possible before the timer runs out.

Example: Chocolate

Words: late, at, ate, tea, tale, tool, cool, hat, hot, cat, coat...

Example: Flowers

Words: flow, sew, flew, wore, rose, low, row...

3.Valentine Clue

How To Play: Teacher thinks of person, place, or thing. Teacher gives a clue. Begin at one end of the room and work your way around allowing each student to take a turn guessing until one student solves the case. The student who solves the case goes next.

Example: Cupid

Clue: I'm thinking of someone who wears a banner

Clue: He melts hearts

Clue: He'll get you with his arrow

4.Red Envelope


Red Envelope for each child



How To Play: Have the children write a letter of love and gratitude to a member or members of their family. When finished they should fold it up and place in the red envelope, seal it, and write the persons name on the front. On Valentines Day they should place it on the persons pillow or somewhere else they'll be sure to find it.

5.How Many Kisses


Large glass jar filled with chocolate kisses

Small pieces of paper

Valentine box


How To Play: Have children write their name on a small piece of paper and their guess as to how many kisses are in the jar. The child who guesses the right number, or comes closest, gets a heart sucker. The candy in the jar is then divided among the children. A variation would be that the winner takes the jar of candy home to share with their family

6.Find Your Partner


Picture of animals-children must know what sound they make (2 of each animal)

Hat or bowl

How To Play: Have each child draw a picture out of the hat. They must then find their partner by making the sound that the animal makes and listening to the other children for an animal making the same sound as they are.

7.Find Your Heart-Mate


Construction paper hearts


How To Play: Cut hearts in half either in different angles, or with decorative large cutting scissors. Hand out the hearts and have the children find their heart-mate!

8.Heart Beat


Heart for each child with instruction written on one side and a heart-shaped chocolate taped on the other.

Instructions might include: Hop like a bunny, walk like a crab, bear walk, skip, walk backwards, etc.

How To Play: Children divide into two teams. Put the hearts at the end of the room in two piles. On your mark the first child on each team runs to the pile, takes a heart and does what the heart says, while returning to their team, then sits down. The next team member then runs to the pile...etc. The first team to be sitting down wins. Everyone enjoys a chocolate in the end.

9.Musical Chairs


Chairs with laminated hearts taped to the seats

Love songs

How To Play: A variation of the original ;)

10.Pass The Heart


Pillow heart for each team.

How To Play: Children divide into two teams. Give each team a heart pillow the size of an orange. On your mark, the first child puts the pillow between their chin and neck and passes it to the next player. Here's the catch, players may only use their heads to pass (no hands or teeth allowed). The process continues to the last person in line and then reverses sending the pillow back to the first player in line. The first team to complete the game wins.What are some fun Valentines games we can play tonight?
If you have it Cranium is great with a group of people! Me and my friends have board game night all the time and it is a blast.
prank calling haha best thing ever :D haha yeah im doing the same thing tonight woot woot its gonna be a blast :D hope i helped a little.What are some fun Valentines games we can play tonight?
Try this website!!! It might give u some ideas!!!! Hope I helped!!!
you can reinact the Saw movies


ouija board
pull out old board games or just chill out and watch movies
watch a funny movie!
i thought you meant 'we' as in you and me.

haha. now i feel rejected.
truth or dare
well i think you could call some boys too...:)
10 girls? games at night? I can feel the 'wrong' answers coming...
  • flight simulator games
  • art games
  • black ops zombie maps
  • restaurants
  • Where can I find FUN games for the girls i babysit?

    i baby sit 2 5 yr olds and a 4 yr old?i need somethin for them to playWhere can I find FUN games for the girls i babysit? can I find FUN games for the girls i babysit?


    %26amp; Toys R Us.Where can I find FUN games for the girls i babysit?
    there are al ot of fun th ing yoyu can do without spendign a lot of money at this age girls like to paly dressup and make up. have a "spa day" and paint their nails and fix their hair. you can also get pasta noodles and marker and have them glue stuf to paper it is easy and pretty entertaining to a five yr old. simple thing liek this are easiest don't get too extravagent or you will have lots of mess.鈥?/a>

    What are some fun online games for teen girls?

    I am 12 almost 13 and I am always bored.What are some fun online games for teen girls?
    jerk offWhat are some fun online games for teen girls?
    depends on what kinda games u like...if u like shooters ...then try combat arms(its free)

    if u like quest based games (try maple story)

    other than that just google gun games i guess

    go to for those games

    i am also 12
    well you can try world of warcraft or sims but its really addicting but you can also play "prince of persia" check it out on its lots and lots of fun :-) good luckWhat are some fun online games for teen girls?
    pikagames you can win prizes for free. Nobody has one yet because the point system is so overpriced. 200,000 points for ipod touch. I have 5,000 and have been playing for 3 months.
    im 12 and im always bored, sadly no girls anwsered for you yet...i dont play much but grand chase is fun for guys, dont know bout girls.
    Gods war and Tales of pirates Both are from

    (you need to download them but they don't have viruses.)

    They are so cool

    P.S. On Gods War don't be a Spartan
    i dunno what you like so ill just list some i know (^_^ different chat like games) (free but advanced features,, not my most favorite anymore but i think someone your age might like it cause i did when i was like 12 i loved it!) ( have a pixel avatar you can dress %26amp; chat with other people/ chill %26amp; roleplay in public rooms %26amp; rooms you can make your self its free except if u wanna be a habbo member or buy furniture) (different stuff)鈥?/a> ( if ya like twilight )鈥?/a> (girly makeover games) ( more than one game here) ( you can chat with people %26amp; have a avatar )
    Girl Games
    Free cool online games.
    This site and thousands of free online games and I've noticed that a lot of girls play games on the site so you'll find a lot of fun free games for teen girls here

    What is a fun games for about 10 people?

    im going to the beach with about 10 kids my age this weekend. It is for church, so clean activites. And its guys and girls going. Games for the ride there (3 hours) and while were there would be nice(:What is a fun games for about 10 people?
    Well, there's always the license plate game, sudoku, crossword puzzles, rook, other card games, or a good ol' book. Three hours can take a long time, but can also pass by quickly with a fun card game :)
    Volleyball or basketball would be fun to play for 10 people.What is a fun games for about 10 people?
    hide and seek and tig ball
    1/3 of a ghostWhat is a fun games for about 10 people?
    Try a scavenger hunt.

    Some really fun online games for teen girls?

    I'm looking for a fun, interactive game that is short (not a long, websitey type like Neopets), and I don't like most dress up ones. Dress up is fine, I just hate that there's no point, like you just click click and then restart. Links are appreciated. Thank you!Some really fun online games for teen girls?
    Habbo Hotel kept my interest for a while.

    Gaiaonline is more of the dress up but it's still amusing for me.

    Facebook Apps also are entertaining such as Sorority Life and Farmville.

    They're also on Myspace I believeSome really fun online games for teen girls? fun little fool around game;sc_hpdr=tabs_play fun little fun gameSome really fun online games for teen girls?
    Maybe you'll like mystery adventure and photo hunt games: - A lot of cute games - Find the differences games

    That site has thousands of free online games, you'll find many for teen girls there as well

    What are some fun texting games to play with girls?

    I only ask 'cause me and this girl text alot and we know we like each other. soWhat are some fun texting games to play with girls?
    play the question game

    would you rathers...

    what ifs...
    who can put the most ...'s without running out of room. me and my friends play that also we play a fun game I call lol you see how many lol's you can put in without running outta room like so:

    Like that same with the dotzWhat are some fun texting games to play with girls?
    How about 20 questions, or truth or dare?
    Well, 20 questions would be a fun one to play, considering that you can ask any question that you want, and she has to answer... have fun 8^)What are some fun texting games to play with girls?
    i spy but she has to guess :P its sooo hard
    twenty questions is a good one (:

    ps: answer mine plz鈥?/a>
    Woo Woo Woo! You Know It!
    hmm ask eachother their wishes............
    20 questions
    Txt your favorite position in sex
    yeah like they said 20 Q's or would u rather
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